View Full Version : my klippermate string gripper puts nasty marks on my strings

2004-07-06, 10:28
ok, so this is my first time stringing and i noticed that the klippermate string gripper will damage my string

it was the first time i tried stringing so i used crappy Prince Tournament 15L on an old racquet.

any suggestions on what i can do about this? i also tried gripping some prince sythetic gut 16gauge and it did pretty much the same thing. maybe a bit less though.

2004-07-06, 22:21
I've got the Klippermate, and I've seen the marks too... but they have not seemed to affect the string adversely... meaning, I've never had the string break prematurely because of those marks.

Also, make sure that you are gripping the string correctly. The manual says that the string should be about 1/4 inch above the solid piece you can see in the gripper. (Hard to explain this any better, a visual clue would be more helpful.) In other words, don't grip the string with the very end of the gripper, and also, don't bury the string as deep as possible into the gripper. If you are doing one or the other, that may contribute to making a more severe mark on the string. Also, I don't know this, but it makes sense that certain strings may be more or less susceptible to being indented.

2004-07-07, 05:55
i was referring to the string tensioner mechanism...

the double string clamps puts marks on my strings too but not as bad as the string tensioning device

2004-07-07, 23:04
The wheel that rotates when you drop the arm? If so, I assume you mean where the string bends down as it goes into the clamp.... I guess I never noticed that being a problem.... and I don't have any experience with any other types of stringers to compare with. Sorry.

2004-07-08, 08:18
i'm referring to the klippermate's tensioner. it's the black circular thing. when it grips my string, it flattens the string and also leaves nasty marks on it.