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Jetpilot2112 2008-07-03 20:42

Idea - modified string database search
Hey Jens -

I just had an idea...would it be possible to make a small modification to the string database's search options?

I was thinking it would be neat to narrow search results when looking for string reviews so that the person searching could see reviews done by people who are using the same racquet. This could give greater insights into the feel and performance of a string for the person perusing the reviews. What do you think? Just an idea/suggestion...please disregard if this has come up before. :)

Jens 2008-07-03 23:15

Thanks Jetpilot!
The string search will be significantly enhanced, and among the enhancements will be a search by tester profile as well as automatic suggestions of strings that players with a similar profile rated high.
I just need some time to implement that... Anybody vote for a 30 hours day too? ;)

Jetpilot2112 2008-07-04 01:29

Thanks for listening, that sounds great! I'll be looking forward to the updates. I know that, for me personally, I have to take some of the string reviews with a grain of salt simply because it seems quite rare that someone has done the review with my particular racquet. Even if we can't search by racquet make/model, a simple weight classification (9.0+, 10.0+, 11.0+, 12.0+) could be important, due to the obvious fact that the strings will feel differently in each. :)

hvdb 2008-08-04 09:37


while working your 30 hours days ;-) could you also add the option to search on color of the string?

This could be helpfull when searching for a suitable "colormatching" cross string for hybrids.


Jens 2008-08-05 06:48

That's no problem, I'll add that option too!

freshhh 2011-05-08 20:23

Excellent suggestion, indeed it will be great to search for reviews of players using the same racquet!

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