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nateng72 2005-03-31 20:08

junior racquet or light weight "full-sized" racquet?
i've got a 12yr. old nephew (but small for his age) that express some interest in tennis. i would like some input in what i should get him. should i get him a junior racquet or a LIGHT full-sized one? i started out playing tennis in my mid-teens and with a full-sized frame so i have no idea what advantages there are to starting out with a junior one. some of the junior racquets are in the 9.5+ oz. and i can find some full-sized frames in this range too.

so, at what age should you start switching to a full-sized racquet? i don't want to invest in a frame that he will grow out-of in 6 months but on the other hand full-sized frame are a bit longer (at around 27" compared to 26.5" for juniors). also, what is a good tension to start him out at?

joe, i'm sure you could give me some advise...thank you!

David Pavlich 2005-04-01 04:21

Re: junior racquet or light weight "full-sized" racquet?
Full size as in 27 inch. Head light, 10-11 ounces strung. NO POLY!


M0rgan77 2005-07-10 05:16

Re: junior racquet or light weight "full-sized" racquet?
I am 13 right now. I started playing with a few cheap canadian tire racquets. As i got better and bigger I upgraded to the T5 by wilson. It provided me with a good head heavy balance, swingable weight, and large head. I grew out of that last year and moved to the Nsix-one 95. I can really rip my serve and forehand now because of the control I get. This is the road of racquets I took but you should experiment. Demo a few racquets and see wich one he likes best. I would reccomend the N5 by wilson, liquidmetal instinct, and the prince shark. Keep us posted

skarkboy 2005-07-12 16:47

Re: junior racquet or light weight "full-sized" racquet?
I started at age 12 and im very small for my age. I think you should go get him a cheap racket first just to be sure he really likes it. But I dont think he needs a jounior racket. He does need a full headsize though.

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