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danV 2004-01-03 00:39

Prince Triple Threat Ring OS 125
This racquet is new to me. What the heck is going on, no holes for the main strings in the bottom or "ring". Should I wrap or tie the string around that ring? is no help, they do not even list that racquet! Any suggestions would be appreciated greatly.

tony 2004-09-06 20:15

Re: Prince Triple Threat Ring OS 125
I saw that racquet once a former coach
had it I saw the string wraped around the ring or the top of the throat
it was very strange


David Pavlich 2004-12-21 22:19

Re: Prince Triple Threat Ring OS 125
This is a pain in the neck to string, but once you do it, it's not bad.

The mains go like this: Go through #1 grommet at the head and loop the string around the ring and then lace the string through the other #1 grommet at the head. I use a starting clamp on the first main and tension the other main that you have laced and then clamp off at the head. Do this once more with the machine clamped main...go through #2 grommet, loop it around the ring exactly as you looped the first one and tension. Yes, you have to double pull the mains. The loops progress from one side of the ring to the other. These loops should look symetrical. You should start at one side and look at the strings and say to yourself, "up, down, up, down" all the way across without interuption in the up/down pattern.

Now tension the main that is being held by the starting clamp and clamp off the first main. Then lace the next main and make sure that you follow the loop pattern....make sure that you follow the loop pattern....make sure that you follow the loop pattern. Go back and forth tensioning the mains as if you were doing a normal frame.

You double pull all of the mains and you'll need 24' of string for the mains. When you get to the last main, make sure you hold the grommet in place with your thumb or finger before you tension it. It has a nasty habit of popping out because of the severe pulling angle.

Now the crosses. You start at the throat...yes you start at the throat and yes, you double pull the mains. Really a fun frame.

Here's the fun part. Weave the first cross through the bottom cross and pull about 8 inches of string through the #1 bottom cross....leave about 8" of string sticking out of the bottom cross. Now weave the second bottom cross. You will notice the this is a tie off hole. Now poke that 8" piece of string through that tie off hole and tie it to the second cross string. This is the tricky part. Don't tighten the knot yet. Grab the tag end of the knot with a starting clamp or a good set of pliers and tension the 2nd cross. Hang on to the knot until the tensioning is done to keep it from pulling loose. Now clamp off the second main and cinch down your knot. Now you can start your regular weave and finish the crosses. Note that there are several double barrel grommets at the head of the frame, which indicate shared holes. Make sure you don't skip any of them.

FYI, the reason you start the crosses at the throat is to ease the weaving process. If you were to start at the head, the strings would be so tight at the throat that you would want to chuck the frame into the nearest dumpster.

Oooohhhh, important point. The first cross is a hard weave. In other words, you have to weave the cross where the most resistance is met. If you weave the first cross and it goes through really easily, you did it wrong. It will be an exagerated up and down motion when you do the weave. The second weave will offer little resistance. When you tension the second cross, you'll see why you have to do the hard weave for the first cross.

I don't think I skipped anything. It sounds tough and it can be if you don't make the loops properly, don't hold onto the grommet when tensioning the last main and don't start the cross weave correctly. However, once you do it, it will go a lot easier.

I have a customer that owns one of these things and he's a real string popper, so I get a lot of practice.

Addendum: Mounting the frame can be tricky. If you don't have some sort of adapter, it ain't gonna' happen. You'll need an adapter for your machine that is for the throatless frames like the Head TiS7. Glad I remembered that minor point. :confused:


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