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Default Re: Main and Cross with diff. Tension, is there advantage?

I believe the problem is that the mains are longer than the crosses. When you string your racket at a certain tension, this is not the tension that eventually be on your strings. All strings lose a little tension and the more string there is, the more tension can be lost (imagine that every inch of string has an equal amount of tension loss). So therefore, if you want an equal tension you should string the crosses at lower tensions.
But,... I recently measured my stringtension and found out that the tension on the crosses is much lower than on the mains. I figure that it is harder to completely pull the string when it is weaven (the drop weight is fully horizontal, but only the part closest to it has the right tension).
Anyhow: pulling the crosses harder gives me a bad feel, I totally agree with kmmatney.
When it comes to hybrid stringing than the kind of strings you use becomes a factor: as mentioned every string tends to lose tension, but polyester or monofilaments tend to lose less than multifilament. So you should pull a multifilament harder than you would do with a mono. I don't know wether you shoud pull a thinner gauge harder. I should think not (when it comes to the losing tension story), but maybe I'm wrong.
From another point of view: higher tensions give you more control, thinner gauges do the same. So This would tell you to use lower tension.
Just one more remark: when you use a hybrid, you normally do this because you have a great durable string (for the mains), but want a softer or more comfortable racket. Then you use a softer stringfor the crosses. To have a softer feel, you use a lower tension.
Conclusion: there are a lot of advices, and sometimes they even are contradictionary. I suggest you look at other's experiences and use them to decide how to string the first time. After that you can decide what would be better for you.
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