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Default Re: One string or two?

On the issue of getting a string into a hole covered by a taut main string, I have found the following helps.....
Cutting the string to give a 'point' is essential
Dipping the end of the string in a bit of washing up liquid (or similar) can help ease the string past the main. Can get a bit messy!
It is often the last main that is the problem. So, if you can, thread the cross string before finishing off the main. This avoids the problem
Moving the main string aside, using a screwdriver, is often the only way. As you've found out, be VERY careful not to nick the string as that's curtains! (Having 3 hands also helps, at this point!)
Using a pair of long-nosed pliars to push the string through helps. Grip the string to leave just a short length (3mm) to push through and work in small steps. This helps to reduce the chance of the string buckling as you try to force it in. If this happens then snip off the bent bit and start again!
I've had to resort to counting to 10 when the frustration rises. However, the feeling of elation and relief when it goes through is great!

Hope this helps!

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