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Default Re: One string or two?

I use the angled string tip + awl combination to get past impeding string. Works OK, although it can still take a few tries to get the string through.

I've been in the habit of raising the string tension up by 5 lbs on the last string before tying off the knot. I wonder if other people do this as well.

I prefer 2 piece stringing simply because I can take a little break after the mains are done. It also allows you to experiement using hybrid strings.

I bought a Gamma tension device, but the results vary based on string type and other factors, so it hasn't been a reliable gauge for me. For now, I just write down the tensions and string type I use and keep them in a log book. When I restring, I can adjust the settings on my drop weight stringer if needed. I have no idea how "accurate" my stringer is, but its very consistent and reproducible.
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