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Default One string or two?

Hello folks,

New poster, and a beginning stringer. From what I've read, this looks like a very nice forum to get help from. Thanks!

My main question is: my racquet manufactor says I can string my racquet using either one string, or two (and I have the stringing info for either method). I've been practicing on an old racquet using just one string, and other than the "mess" of having 38' of string flopping around, I was wondering if there is any advantage or disadvantage to stringing with either one or two strings.

Secondly, on this old racquet, when transitioning from the mains to the cross strings, I've broken the string twice. On the mains, I'm to skip holes 7 and 9... no problem. But the 7 hole is for the cross strings, and the 7 hole is now partially covered by the main string going from hole 6 to 8. Is there a "tip" or a technique used to be able to squeeze the cross string into the 7 hole (or any hole for that matter) when that hole is tightly covered by the taut main string?

Thanks in advance!
(Also, it looks like I posted this in the incorrect forum, Tennis Strings instead of Racquet Stringing. Sorry about my oversight. To the moderator: can you move this to the appropriate forum?)
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