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Default 3x Babolat Pure Aero Tour (2016) retail

Hi guys,

I'm selling 3x Babolat Pure Aero Tour, the 2016 model. Retail, not pro stock.

Condition: pretty good, I'd say 8.5/9 out of 10 (only some minor scuffs from playing on the red clay)
Grip size: 4 1/4 (L2)
Additional info: one of the frames has a Wilson handle and buttcap (fitted by Ring&Roll), whereas the two other frames currently do not have a replacement grip I coud add (or apply) two synthetic perforated Rex Professional replacement grips though for an additional charge of 10 if desired.
Price: 85 per frame or 225 for all three together (plus shipping)
Shipping: from NL to NL 7.00, to EU/UK 14.00
Payment: PayPal (preferred) or bank transfer
Pictures: Can be sent on request

Questions? Just let me know --> rlaumen {at} gmail <dot> com
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