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Apologies if this is far too broad a question and/or if its been asked before. I am about to advertise a stringing service at my university where there is significant demand for restrings.

I currently only have (for personal use) Tecnifibre black code and Tecnifibre synthetic gut and have used ruff code (tecnifibre) previously.

Are there any suggestions as to a few reels that I should purchase that will offer a decent range of options but wont be too expensive?

Ive just purchased 200m reel of Luxilon Alu power rough, I'm also thinking a reel of Babolat Hurricane or RPM as this must be a popular string.

What are peoples thoughts on low end strings I once bought some Pros Pro but the strings broke within 30 minutes and haven't used since. I used to use Apollo and didnt have an issue with this make
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