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Originally Posted by vidda93300 View Post
as soon as it's good to sell, we'll see what's possible for you

American players like heavy racket so it's not very understandable
(again, I do not understand the logic of HEAD)
The logic is really simple. Certain types of frames sell better in EU vs. US and vice-a-versa. According to their (Head) sales data, smaller players' frames like the Prestige MP / Mid sold much better there than here in the US.

Gravity Pro will be the "player" frame for the US (heavy, tight patterned). Head thinks that there is no need for the Tour model here. It's all based on sales, nothing more.

I have to agree with Head on this decision. I've been preaching to the higher ups to decrease SKU count. There's too much overlap. But sometimes these suggestions fall on deaf ears.
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