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Originally Posted by Stefano View Post
I bought it this morning, I couldn't resist
Well...I strung a racquet at 55 lbs, chose the head size and the kind of strings and...SPOT ON! 55 lbs!
It's definitely a great, useful application
I bought it yesterday, I rarely invest so much (0,79€) so quickly, but it intrigued me so I took the chance and am very pleased with the application.
It is well made, works amazingly well, is child's play to use and is always with me and ready to use. If you already have an I-phone, go for it . . .

If you are a stringer and you don't have an I-phone yet, here is an excellent reason to get one, it's a very good investment also.

By the way, if you test your stringbed tension and the result shows a loss of more than 3kgs, the read-out is quite accurate, the loss of tension is for real, it's just hard to admit it, this is not new, with the Stringmeter there is the same problem.

I just hope that this great little I-phone application will help more players realise just how much difference there can be between the applied tension on the machine and the real tension in the string-bed just after stringing, then after playing for a couple of hours.

What they do about this tension loss is an entirely different story.
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