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Default Re: Having some trouble tying knots

@Jay Cee

Wow, very detailed explanation !

This should answer all the questions from Newbified at once.

Until now,I just pushed the last string to tighten the knot, but I will try to push the last mains to evenly distribute the tension, good idea !


Just try to increase the tension on the last two strings before a knot, this will help avoiding the tension less resulting from the knot.

When I started to string I just increased the tension on the last string and the loss of tension was really obvious.

Now I'm increasing the tension on the last two strings before a knot and this helps a lot !

If you think that the string slips through your knot, use a marker on the piece of string that comes just out of the knot. If the mark slips far through the knot, then there is definitely somthing wrong with your knot.


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