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Default Super stock sale: pro-stock and NOS frames

Massive Pro-Stock sale at TennisSpecials. (100+ rackets for sale)
Great collection, see below
At the top the pro-stock frames. At the bottom you will find some NOS frames and classics!

**updated May 21.**


HEAD TGK219.26 XL Youtek IG Extreme Pro

TGK219.12-L1 XL Head Microgel Extreme Pro

TGK219.17 XL HEAD Youtek Extreme Pro

TGK219.26 XL HEAD IG Extreme Pro 2.0

TGK219.9-I H1 HEAD MicroGel Extreme Pro XL

TGT219.26 XL HEAD Graphene Extreme Pro

TGK285.1 HEAD IG Extreme MP grip L2
Pro stock TGK285.1 HEAD IG Extreme MP grip L2


3x tgt293.2 touch prestige MP

HEAD TGT293.2 XT Prestige MP shiny paintjob

TGT293.1 HEAD Graphene Prestige MP XL 16x19

HEAD TGK238.1 Microgel Prestige MP grip L3

HEAD TGK238.4 Youtek Prestige (L3)

HEAD TGK238.4 XL Youtek Prestige MP

NEW HEAD TGK238.4 XL Youtek Prestige MP grip L2 (1 frame)

HEAD pro stock TGK237.3

Pro stock HEAD GrapheneXT Prestige rev pro


TGT301.5 touch Speed Pro in 360 shiny paint

TGT339,1 Speed Pro 360 prostock

HEAD TGK263.5 E1 IG Speed MP315 XL 18x20


TGT307.1 Graphene Radical MP XL 18x20 (grip L4)

HEAD TGT307.2 GrapheneXT Radical MP 16*19

PRO STOCK Wilson :

Grigor Dimitrov ProStaff 93 from 2014

Used prostock wilson 95 18/20 in RF97 paint

ProStock Wilson Six.One 95 18/20 in RF97 paint

2x Wilson PS6.1 95 18x20 in RF97 paintjob

Wilson ProStaff Classic in BLX paint

Wilson 95 BLX2 pro-stock

H22 XL Wilson Blade 98 black/silver

Wilson H22 K-Blade98 paintjob L4 RA61

Pro Stock Wilson RF97 L4

LM Instinct in Wilson Juice paint ???

Wilson Hyper ProStaff 6.1 95 16/18 in BLX paint

PRO STOCK Babolat:

Pro Stock Babolat pure Aero VS

Matte Black Babolat Aero Strom?

Original #ProjectOne7 Babolat

Babolat Pure Drive GT 2012 in glossy Wimbledon 2017 paint

PRO STOCK Dunlop :

5x Dunlop Hotmelt 300 in shiny black paint

DUNLOP ProStock Option 2E

DUNLOP ProStock Option 4A

DUNLOP ProStock Option 2F

Pro Stock Dunlop Aerogel 4D 300 Tour

PRO STOCK Prince :

David Ferrer personal Prince

Prince Pro-Stock Rebel 95 L2 RA60

4x Prince TX235P-95 Rabel95 RA 60

Prince TX235P-95 Rebel95 L4 (RA60)

Prince Pro Stock TX254P-95 CT2-1A 27" Rebel 95

Prince TX254-95 CT2-1A 27" Tour 95 new (Kimmer Koppejans)

Prince Tour 100 16x18 (pro room)

Prince Tour 100 18x20 (pro room)

3x Prince Pro-Stock TX141P Ozone tour MP

New Old Stock (NOS frames)

NOS HEAD Prestige Tour 600

NOS head Flexpoint instinct L3

NOS: Mizuno PRO Light graphite XL

NOS: Mizuno expz FL graphite dyneema

NOS: HEAD Premier Tour 600

NOS: Dunlop Hotmelt 200G (grip4)

Snauwaert Ellipse Touch-C

NOS: Yonex RDiS 100sp

2x Angell Custom TC97 grip 3


Two old PEYA frames i.prestige MP

HEAD Liquidmetal Radical MP L4

HEAD Liquidmetal Radical TOUR L4

Wilson HyperCarbon ProStaff 6.1 95 grip L3

2x Wilson Hyper Carbon proStaff 6.1 95 (grip SL1)

HEAD Radical Tour 690 TwinTube Zebra

HEAD Radical Performance AA Limited Edition 690


Blackout HEAD IG Prestige PRO 16x19

TGK263 YT Speed, Black out, Vison Workshop 2009

Because i have way too many frames to list everything, please mail me if you are looking for something that is not on this list ;-)
Take a look at my list of special frames for sale:

Join me on Facebook and be the first to get pictures and updates on my collection:

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