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Holabird Sports
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Default How to choose the right string for your racquet

Once you have the type of frame that best fits your playing style and swing, you will need to determine the type of stringing that suits your game.

Pre-strung racquets

Most manufacturers offer pre-strung racquets in their less-expensive models.

Pre-strung racquets are geared towards recreational players
Very versatile for a beginning level player
Unstrung racquets

Primarily for intermediate to advanced players
These allow you to choose a racquet type and size and then tailor the string to your game
It allows the more advanced player to customize string and tension according to your playing style
Understanding string technology

Natural gut
Provides the best, most consistent feel
Best suited for more advanced players because of improved performance and feel on shots
Will need to be changed frequently; not very durable
Better suited for recreational players
Offers a good balance of durability and playability
Very little difference in performance for the average tennis player
String gauge
This is basically the thickness of the string and the big difference is in durability and playability
Thicker strings (15 gauge) last longer, while thinner strings (16 and 17 gauge) offer better feel but are less durable
String tension
All racquet frames come with manufacturer's recommendations on string tension and it is best to stay within those limits
For more power, the racquet should be strung at the low end of the range, since lower tension equals more power
Higher string tensions offer less power but provide for better control
As a general rule, higher tensions are recommended for experienced players only

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