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Default Thoughts on this completely terrible transaction


I am new here, but have browsed the forum before.

I experienced a bad transaction with a shop, who sold me a racquet via ebay. I wondered what you thought about it. It's not a huge deal, but I am tired of being shafted by retailers. I think its important to name these individuals, which I am not going to do initially.

I usually purchase new racquets from a local supplier, but went with ebay on this occasion as the local seller was away.

I should mention that I like ebay for purchasing racquets as there are a good range of older Head Prestige listed there, by sellers with good feedback. Whilst I ordinarily would purchase new racquets from the local coach, I couldn't do so on this occasion as he is away. Hence, why I have resorted to ebay.

The seller was clearly not presenting this as a private sale, but a sale on behalf of the shop.

Here are some quotes from him.

"Hi mate,

The ebay price are different to the store prices. I will take the listing down and do another one for you at 10pm."

"Hi mate,

Yes i can do it for that price apologies about what happened with the pure drive, someone came into the shop and bought it so i had to take the listing down.

Im not in the shop atm but when i am i will re list it as buy it now and message you about it"

Another staff member of the shop who I spoke to on the phone when I phoned up to complain was well aware of this sale, too, so I am very much getting this impression that this was a sale on behalf of the shop.

I did not ever receive the racquet. It remained the courier and was never delivered to me. I was on the phone to the courier for well over an hour trying to get it sent back to the seller, after being threatened, and it is now on its way back to them.

The owner of the shop got back to me after repeated phonecalls and emails and stated that this was a private sale and that they had no part in it. They said that the staff member I spoke to did not give them the message to phone me, so that was why they did not do so immediately. As a courtesy they offered me a 30 percent discount code on a new racquet, but I am get this racquet supplied to me for less from a local supplier, so the discount was not useful to me.

This is almost three weeks that I have been without a racquet and been unable to play, so I am not impressed with this.

This was in relation to a Yonex racquet which was listed on ebay by a seller who, I gathered, was selling it on behalf of a proshop. I contacted the seller on the 8th about the racquet which was being sold via auction and which was set to end on the 10th. I asked whether he'd sell it to me for £105. I based this offer on what other new racquets had sold for recently. There were two racquets mentioned in his listing, a size 3 and a 4, and I said that I'd take the grip size 4. He said that he'd list it that evening via a Buy It Now.

He did not list it and I waited until the 10th, which was when the auction was set to end. I messaged him four times trying to ascertain what was happening. Against my better judgement, I placed a bid for £110. I won. There was another indentcial racquet sending the after, which sold for £97.

The listing specified that the racquet would be sent via Royal Mail and would be with me on Thursday 15th. I needed it for a match on the 18th, so there was plenty of room for it to get to me. On the 16th it had still not arrived, so I messaged the seller repeatedly again. He replied on the 17th and said that he'd check with Hermes where it had gotten to. I replied that it was supposed to be sent via Royal Mail. I would not have agreed to the transaction had I been aware it was being sent via Hermes. The postage I paid would have covered the racquet being sent via Royal Mail. He did not respond to me after that despite my messaging him repeatedly.

I did not have the racquet for my match and because the seller did not update me with what was happening, I was unable to obtain a replacement. I had to play with a stiff racquet instead, which I'd have preferred to have avoided as I have an arm injury at the moment. This was painful.

He eventually got back to me on the 24th demanding that I remove the Negative feedback I'd left. He stated that it was unjust that I had not released the funds to him given that I'd gotten my racquet. I had not actually received the racquet by that point.

I was going to simply wash my hands of this matter until the seller got back to me on the 27th demanding that I arrange with Hermes for the racquet to be returned. He added, threateningly, that were I not to do so that he "will take it further". It is ridiculous that he thought it appropriate to threaten me, and that it was my responsibility to arrange for the racquet to be sent back to him. All the same, as a courtesy, I phoned Hermes and the local delivery company and it is now on its way to you.

I have contacted the seller a huge amount of times in relation to this, but he simply ignored messages. He furthermore purposely reneged on a commitment to sell me the racquet at an agreed amount. To add insult to injury, he mentioned that he was sorry for not selling me a Babolat racquet earlier in the moth. I was unsure what he was talking about, but then became aware that it was the same seller who I'd contacted about that Babolat. The auction for the item had ended and I'd forgotten to bid on it and I'd asked whether the seller would relist it via a Buy It Now and he agreed to it. He didn't list it and did not ever get back to me. Had I been aware that it he the same seller, and all of this unpleasantness could have been avoided as I would not have gone near the shop with a bargepole had I been aware who you were, no offence intended.

When I phoned the shop yesterday, I asked to speak with the owner. I was told that they would phone me back. I repeatedly stated that I did not wish to speak with staff member who was handling the ebay transaction. Minutes later, the staff member attempted to phone me three times. He furthermore sent me two texts asking that we settle this matter like "civilised" people.

This is by far the worst transaction I have had on ebay. It is similarly the worst transaction I have had purchasing a racquet.
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