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Holabird Sports
Old 2018-11-26, 02:27   #1
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Default Brandless Tennis Equipment??

Hi All,

New to the forum here - hi everyone!

I've been playing tennis avidly for over 15 years, probably an L5 and am one of those guys that never switches his racquets (I currently own 5+ head flexpoint radicals hah). I think it may have come from my dad but I've always believed that it's the player, not the racquet that needs to improve or change.

How many of you guys are in the same boat? I feel like the Wilsons / Babolats / Heads of the world play too much to the "new technologies" and try to get everyone to switch racquets every season. What if there was a new "brandless" tennis racquet, tennis balls, shoes etc. that didn't have the brand mark-up with the same quality of a traditional Wilson k-blade etc for a much cheaper price i.e. $70 for something that would've costed $150 - $250 for a branded racquet. In my mind, that would help tennis become a more accessible sport and help improve the overall skills of tennis players in general as well as they focus more on themselves vs. switching racquets all the time. It would also appeal more to the newbies as well who may not want to drop $200 on a new racquet. Thoughts?

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Old 2019-01-08, 21:53   #2
Professional Spec
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It's called Ali Express
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