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Holabird Sports
Old 2010-02-04, 00:45   #1
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Posts: 81
Default Pro Kennex tennis racquets

I am sending this blog as a warning to anyone interested in buying a Pro Kennex racquet. I am returning from tennis elbow surgery, and at the request of my Sports Surgeon needed to switch equipment. I demoed about 6 different racquets that met the specifications my surgeon suggested. I narrowed down my choices to the Pro Kennex Ionic Ki 5 PSE and the Volkl C10Pro. In the end I chose the Pro Kennex, and 6 weeks later I still do not have the racquets. The tennis shop I ordered two racquets and a bag from told me the sales rep for Pro Kennex stated the racquets are not in stock. One of the inside company personnel from Pro Kennex told both of us the racquets are in the warehouse. The store owner of All About Tennis Jesse Ponwith told me he placed an order 3 months ago for Pro Kennex equipment, and still has not received any product. Pro Kennex seems to be confused on what good customer service means. Needless to say I just ordered 2 new Volkl C10 Pro racquets, and the Volkl Rep got me those racquets in 5 days, and also included a free racquet bag, package of string, and an extra grip. Stay away from Pro Kennex as they lie to customers and can't seem to provide equipment. I have nothing but good things to say about Volkl and the Phoenix, Arizona Volkl sales rep.
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Old 2010-02-17, 20:25   #2
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2009
Posts: 160

How do you order from a company rep?How much cheaper is it?
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Old 2010-02-18, 00:14   #3
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Posts: 81

I called Pro Kennex's headquarters because I could not find any local tennis stores here in Phoenix that carried Pro Kennex racquets. The company introduced me to the local rep and we spoke at the only store in town that had an account with Pro Kennex. The store I am referring to has been in business 20 years here in Phoenix, AZ and they even complain about Pro Kennex. I know the store owner and he stated Pro Kennex makes a great product, but they are terrible when it comes to supplying product. You might not get the racquets any cheaper from the sales rep but many times you can get free product like strings, grips, t-shirts, hats, sometimes even promotional bags. Be careful with Pro Kennex as they make promises they don't keep. Go with Volkl, great company and the reps are honest and generous. Volkl is really up and coming. Be watching the tour for some new Volkl racquets being used by tour pros.
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Old 2010-02-25, 17:32   #4
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 55

I would like to respond to the OP on this. I have recently been looking to make a switch to Pro Kennex frames as well. I have had nothing but incredibly positive experience with them. I ordered my frame through an online retailer and had no problem in receiving it whatsoever. The quality is excellent and now that I am starting to get used to the different feel I have to say it is a very nice frame.
In short my experience with Pro Kennex has been nothing but positive. Great company, great racquets.
FuzzyGreenBalls is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2010-02-26, 00:20   #5
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Posts: 81

Glad you had a good experience because I didn't and the store I ordered 2 racquets from is having problems as well. I got told 2 different stories regarding my racquets. One person at the headquarters told me the racquets I ordered were in stock and I would have them within a few weeks. 6 weeks later I still didn't have my racquets and the local sales rep told me they had just come in. I don't like being lied too. If you don't have the product in stock just say so. The store owner where I ordered my racquets has been in business for over 20 years. He is nationally ranked in the top 5 of the USTA Men's 35's. He has Pro Kennex itmes on back order for over 2 months. They are also the only store in the Valley that sells Pro Kennex. You would think if Pro Kennex is trying to push their product they would make sure the only store that sells their product has product to sell. Bottom line I waited 6 weeks and never got the racquets. To make matters worse they lied to me and the store owner. Buyer be ware!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Use Volkl racquets if you have arm problems. I use the Volkl C10 Pro and my arm has been pain free
benraschke is offline   Reply With Quote

try a volkl racquet

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