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Holabird Sports
Old 2003-03-01, 22:54   #1
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2003
Posts: 2
Default Warped racquet

Hi, i bought a couple of rackets in december and got one restrung for the first time. I got it done by a mate of mine on his machine and i got the racket back and the frame was warped out of shape! Now from what i can see there are no cracks in the frame. My question is does anyone know whether i can save this racket or not. I also want to ask. I strung the racket (A dunlop oversize 28" Tactical Series, Volley) at 65 pounds per sqaure inch. Is there anyway to tell whether it was too much for the racket or the racket was strung badly. Most other rackets i've had (the last one i had was a mizuno pro 8.1) had string tensions from 50-60 pounds but i've strung them at 65 with no problems. Please help me
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Old 2003-03-04, 00:18   #2
Campus Stringers
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2003
Posts: 25
Default Re: Warped racquet


Thanks for your feedback on Fischer racquets on an earlier post. Regarding your current question, I have searched around and can not find the specs for the racquet you mention. While this limits my abbility to provide a good answer, it is a pretty good bet that one or both of the following things happened. (Before that, let me say that I am really sorry that your racquet got warped, that is certainly not a bright spot in any tennis lovers day).

1. Your racquet had some structural damage. If this is the case AND the damage was not result of wear and tear AND and you did not string it above the recommended tension, contact Dunlop and they should be willing to replace it (if they have any notion of customer service). This may take some effort on your part.

2. Your friend did a bad (awful) job at stringing. And I mean really bad. That is the benefit of a pro-stringer, a stringer that does this for a living may have paid for your replacement racquet. (Of course I am biased because while I do not do this for a living I certianly do get paid to do it).

While manufacturers tend to be conservative in their recommended tension ranges, it is never a good idea to go above the recommended tension, particularly with and oversized raquet.

Again, sorry your racquet warped. Just to be safe, I'd never have your friend string again.

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Old 2003-06-10, 15:26   #3
Join Date: Jun 2003
Posts: 51
Default Re: Warped racquet

I would lean toward a poor job of stringing and possibly due to an inferior stringing machine. Although I haven't taken the time to look up your racket's specs, 65# is generally a very safe tension on an oversize racket. Even if it's 5# or so pounds on the tight side, most racket manufacturers base their recommended tension range on a constant-pull machine while most stringing is still done on lock-out or drop weight machines. Constant pull machines are generally 10% tighter than lock-outs so it leaves a few pounds for error.

His machine may have a faulty mounting system that allowed the frame to move during the string job. Excessive movement of a frame on the machine is a definite kiss-of-death. Or, dare I say, he may have forgotten to mount it securely and fastened all locking devices.

Just remember, your racket will never be under as much stress at any time like it is when it's being strung. Know your stringer, his reputation, and his equipment.

And also, NO, there's nothing you can do with the racket besides send it back and cross your fingers. Best of luck.
Jeff Kupers, USPTA, PTR, MRT
*Creekmore Tennis
*Fort Smith, AR
*(479) 782-5333
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Old 2003-06-11, 19:07   #4
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2003
Posts: 3
Default Re: Warped racquet

There should be a rating on the racquet giving the lbs rating
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