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Holabird Sports
Old 2016-07-13, 06:25   #1
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Default Weiss Cannon Ultra Cable - thoughts

Hey guys, I've been hitting with Weiss Cannon Ultra Cable. I heard some good things, so I checked it out. My thoughts are below. If anyone else has used it, please let me know your thoughts!

After eight plus hours of hitting this string, here are my thoughts: Spin potential is off the charts! Usually, most shaped strings don't grab the ball as well as advertised, and do not provide the spin as promised because the strings don't snap back against each other. With UC, I am literally ripped the felt off the ball. The dwell time on the strings is wonderful, and it is causing me to pick up some RPM's, which in turn has allowed me to increase my control. Essentially, all I need to do is whip up, and the strings do the rest.

As for serve, the flat serves are still relatively the same, but my kick serve is jumping considerably higher. No doubt, this is due to the amount of spin I'm getting. My slice serve is also getting more bite. My opponents have noted that my ball is spinning more, thus making it heavier.

The string also feels plus enough for volleys which is not the norm when dealing with a polyester. Though the string doesn't give you anything at the net, it is definitely more than adequate.

Short balls and returns of serve were little to no problem with this string as I felt I could swing out at the ball with little concern about the ball flying long.

For this play test, I strung my Wilson H19 16x19 pattern at 46 pounds.
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