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Holabird Sports
Old 2008-10-26, 13:56   #1
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Default Jay Cee method on PS 6.0 85sq

Hi All

After reading all the post in here I've become slightly confused with the tension changes I'm only interested in stringing my PS 6.0 85sq using the infamous Jay Cee method on a fixed clamp machine. Please correct me if I'm wrong but this is what I understand about this 2 piece method;

To string my racket at a tension of 50lbs
-Mains would be tensioned at 48lbs (50 - 2 lbs)
-Crosses would be tensioned at 52lbs (50 + 2 lbs)

1. string the mains at 48lbs (50lbs - 2lbs). Tension the last 2 main strings at 56lbs (48lbs + 8lbs).

2. Tie off the mains and press strings firmly down from the last strings towards the middle.

3. Tension the first 2 cross strings at 60lbs (52lbs + 8lbs).

4. Coninue to tension the rest of the cross at 52lbs(50lbs + 2lbs) until the last 2 crosses which will be tensioned at 60lbs again then tie off.

Am I doing anything wrond? Are my tensions correct? Thanks everyone. I appologise in advance if my question has been asked a million times but really appreaciate any feedback.
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jay cee

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