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Holabird Sports
Old 2017-10-03, 07:29   #1
Join Date: Aug 2016
Posts: 40
Default NEGATIVE dealings with FRUITTY

Really bad transaction with Fred Boermans aka ‘Fruitty’. He is a lying, cheating con-artist who took me for a ride and caused a lot of stress for me the last few months. I had been chasing some PT280s on the forums and he approached me first by offering to sell me one for very cheap at 50 EURO. He said it was in great shape but has an 'ugly' paint chip at the throat. I asked him for photos and he sent images that were from a distance where I couldn’t really see any blemishes. So I was curious and asked for close-ups. He eventually sent me some. I didn't realise then, but now I've realised that these close-ups were of a different racquet because it had a different pallet size on it. The "fake photos" looked good so I accepted the deal. Then he said he will only sell it to me if I buy another racquet to make it more worth his while. He offered me a Candy Cane Radical hairpin in great condition with all the original hardware included. He also offered me a Prestige cover case and extra pallets and IDS inserts for free. I thought for 155 EURO shipped that is a pretty good deal. I was looking forward to it all arriving as described.

When it arrived, there was no bubble-wrap or any attempt at protective packaging. Both frames were shoved into the single cover case causing the zipper-fly to rip. All those spare-pallets were snapped/crushed and useless. Some of which were already broken (now I know why he offered them for free). The IDS inserts were covered in melted superglue and were already broken into little pieces. The Candy Cane was missing a butt-cap as promised. The spare grommet set for this racquet was useless as the bumper-guard was disintegrated from court rash. Not to mention the actual grommets were also broken. This makes them impossible to use and extremely dangerous to restring. The Candy Cane he forced me to purchase in order to obtain the PT280 also had a very deep gash and possible crack (see photo below).

Worst of all, the PT280 has a massive crack at the throat and the pallet and butt-cap preinstalled on the butt-cap were also cracked/split. So out of all the things I bought, nothing was as described and/or was damaged thus making making everything useless. I tried contacting Fred for several weeks with no response. Finally, I opened up a PayPal dispute and a few hours later he replies with bogus defense. He promised to think of a solution to make things right. I didn’t hear from him for over a week. I then escalated the dispute to a PayPal claim and finally he responds with more lies and BS. I offered a partial refund and I keep everything but I never heard back from him. After the PayPal investigation was over, they wanted me to send everything back for a full refund. I didn’t want to do this because it would cost me more to send it back and even then he could play more games.

I hadn’t heard from him for weeks. Finally, I threatened him that I’ll return the goods for a full refund, get most of my return shipping costs back from Telus and leave him negative feedback on the boards. After not hearing from him for 3 weeks I get a response straight away. I think you notice the pattern that every time I threaten him with action he responds. He refused to refund me a reasonable justified amount of 100 EURO out of the original 160. We finally agreed on 50 EURO partial refund. He kept stalling and it took forever to get some of my hard-earned money back. I had to call PayPal customer service several times to get things moving. I think I was very lucky to even get some of my money back. 50 EURO was not enough but I’ll take anything I could get at this stage. Now I know why he forced me to buy a second racquet - because he knew how things would eventuate so at least he could still make a profit from the Candy Cane instead of just getting everything shipped back for a full refund. Stay away from this guy he is a dodgy scumbag. See pictures attached for what he sold me.


Last edited by joronamo; 2019-04-22 at 01:49.
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Old 2017-11-30, 16:39   #2
Join Date: Nov 2013
Posts: 39
Default Negative dealing with JORONAMO

I recommend not to deal with Joronamo.
He is very handy (why should that be ?!) with disputing payments via Pay Pal and it appears that he has a routine in this.
See other mails here,..

One can disagree about the quality of the (used) frames you 've bought, but once the dispute is settled, which means that I (and he !) agreed for a refund, it is not normal to remain unsatisfied.
The guy is not even satisfied about the pallets I added for free (!)
Okay boy, feel free and throw them away,..

It was not a pleasure to deal with such guy, and I am glad that all my other deals went all right (Buying and Selling).
Let us keep the fun going on with the right ones,...
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Old 2018-02-07, 07:20   #3
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2012
Posts: 456

I believe Joronamo ,,, other guy I don't believe him any words .
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Old 2019-05-18, 11:30   #4
Join Date: Aug 2016
Posts: 40

Thanks 'stringari01'. It is all true. 'Fruitty' is still on these boards selling. BUYER BEWARE!
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