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Holabird Sports
Old 2012-06-25, 16:17   #1
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Thumbs up Yonex VCore Tour 89 review!

The review I found on Yonex Facebook is absolutely spot on, I don't need to explain why this is the best mid ever made. The review is from Ed, who knows Yonex racquets like nobody does. I had asked him a few question before I bought my VC95D and he was very helpful, same thing happened when I switched to 89T.

Yonex VCore Tour 89 review!!

When I sat down to write my feedback about VCore Tour 89, I thought: What to write? How can you write something about something that is so perfect that one word can easily describe it? The word is: perfect, in all matters. If you look up the word perfect you'll find a few definitions, and the 2 that apply to this racket are:

1-excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement
2-entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings.

When people think about mid size rackets, I think they really relate to these: Pete Sampras (PS 85), Goran Ivanisevic used (HPC), Martina Navratilova(Yonex R-22), Hewitt used(Yonex SRD T90), Federer (we all know you can't buy it)... in my collection I let 2 go (PS 85 St Vincent and Pretige Classic), kept the Yonnies. I have R-50(88sq in), R-27, R-24, R-23, R-22, R-271 and some round ones, RX 330, RX 36, RX 32, bear with me if I forgot any other, I'm sure I did.

We all know in modern tennis, mid size rackets are almost as outdated and useless as black and white 19 inches TV from the 70's, it works but there is better, lighter and more user friendly with better perfomance.

So thinking about it, why is Yonex selling a 89 sq in racket? Who is
gonna buy something like this? In today's game on ATP there is only player using a 90 sq in, the greatest player to ever play this game.

So, are these Yonex guys nuts, wasting money and time? WRONG!!

Well, whoever designed and put this racket together deserves a Nobel prize in the racket business. This is the most unbelievable design for a midsize racket i have ever had a pleasure to use, there is literally performance in 85 sq in out of the 89. This is like a 93-95 sq in racket in a 89, that means, less weight to carry and maneuver, you get all the great qualities of a mid size, maneuverability, gps precision, more power per sq in/per gram than any other mid size in the market (Micro Core), along with the classic buttery pillow like comfort feel in this VCore 89 Tour without being too soft. Again, I have Poly Tour Pro Graphite with no vibration dampener at 53/50 in a 89 sq in racket, ZERO vibrations. Jaw dropping stuff! Only Yonex manages to make these rackets and they sell it to you.

The VCore Tour 89 shines like a diamond in every department, Yonex has raised the bar for a mid size 89 sq in racket, that will take another 10-15 years for another company to catch it, if they ever get it done. The mid are back, 89 Tour can be used at the highest level now, Hewitt would have loved to have this racket in his hands 10 years ago, 89 Tour outperforms the SRD Tour 90 in almost every department, so it does the same against Prestige Classic, Pro Staff 85... let's do not mention some newer encarnations of these classic rackets, because it can be embarassing.

As I used all these mentioned above, I can easily say of how much more performance you get with the VCore Tour 89, small sweet spot for mid size is part of the past, 89 is for real, a superb racket.

Comparing it with other mids in the Yonex family, RDX mid (awesome racket back then), RDS 001 (super spin for mid size), MP tour 1 mid (never liked it), RD Ti 70 88 (very hard to play with) the Tour 89 unifies the best of these in one. The feel is the old school, soft, holds the ball a little longer, powerful with control and extremely forgiving, very unlike a 89 racket as this one is, it is a real 89 sq in, I compared with several other 88's and 90's I have, it fits the bill, smaller than 90, bigger than 88, as funny as it seems, by no means it is a fake 89 unlike a fake 88 (that was actually 92sq or something) that came out a few years ago that was one of the worst rackets I put my hands on. It feels like an extended racket without being so. I love this racket, grip shape is similar to older Yonex as well.

I am used to play with 380g, 390g rackets, my RDS 001 mid 18x20 and 16x18 used by one of the biggest servers in history 365 SW, I have an R-22 that is 372g, that's right, 372g, unstrung, but with the VCore 89 everything is easier, you get a lot more per gram/ per sq in than with any other, so much more performance carrying less weight around, it plays bigger than it is, very similar to all newer Yonex rackets, VCore's and Xi's .

This is a classic racket without being a classic, this is a baby without a father to endorse it, really a shame, had this racket been used by Federer with whatever configuration He liked I could definitely see him winning more (I have played with his personal racket), the sales would soar just like the racket itself through the air with its model body type, it'd sell more than water. This is a Pro racket being sold in the market, take it, don't miss the opportunity.

I know 2 great players at 6.0 level using it already, one, as crazy as it sounds, hits with a 2 handed back hand. For sure, after another session with it, will be permanently in my bag, I love this racket, it is perfect, I don't need to say more about it, buy it a.s.a.p!!!

This is no R-22, this is no R-23 (my favorite of the mid R's), this is the Vcore Tour 89, an amazing racket, that let us mid size lovers use midsize rackets without having disadvantages because of its size, made for aggressive players (have that in mind), and With it you get as a gift the most beautiful paint job.

Good luck to all of those who will amuse themselves with this racquet.
4X Yonex VCore Tour 89, stock form- Yonex Poly Tour Spin 1.25 @ 50/46, SHT 308 black.
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