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Old 2017-07-20, 05:03   #1
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Default Guidance/suggestions needed for stringing a new racquet


I am an intermediate player (around 3.5) playing recreationally.
I will be buying a new racquet and need some guidance in using the correct string at the correct tension. I started playing just 8 months ago but have been able to pick up the game fairly quickly. I am playing in city leagues and have also won some at this skill level. But I have very less idea about the various technicalities and specifications of strings. I just know what racquet suits me. So please bear with me, my questions may sound a bit dumb, hence I need some help.

I currently use a Prince racket, 280gm unstrung weight, 306gm strung weight,100sq in head. Problem is I don't know what string is on it and at what tension. All I know is how it feels to play with this string. Racquet has recommended string tension of 58+/-5lb.
When I hit the ball with this racquet, it has a very crisp feel and cracking juicy sound and gives me quite a good power at low effort. But the hit doesn't feel soft, because if I miss hit, it does vibrate or turn. So I don't think it is strung very loosely. But it also cannot be strung too tightly either as I don't feel too much pressure on my arms. I love playing at the net and hit quite hard accurate smashes, my shots from baseline aren't very fast, just very flat.

I plan to buy the Babolat Pure Aero Team racquet, 285gm unstrung weight, 100sq in head. But I would like to have the same feel and power from the strings like the Prince racquet.
What brand and type of string should I buy with it (exact name)?
And at what tension should I string it?

If you can suggest something with reasons and details that would be very helpful, because the string makes a lot of difference in the racquet.


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Old 2017-07-20, 14:48   #2
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I am sure you will get a collection of thoughts here, and mine are meant to add to the mix, not be definitive.

First thought, be sure to test drive the Babolat before you buy. There are many great racquets out there but what matters is whether they are great for you. If that prince feels great, it might be the racquet for you. (Full disclosure, I use Prince's myself!)

Second I would recommend stringing at the top of the range, 63 lbs in your case. You are loving the net play, and this will compliment the control game you are developing. It may be that the racquet it strung tight now, because a bigger factor for whether you would feel strain in your arms is the racquet's flexibility. In general, Prince tends toward flexibility, and being arm-friendly. (I see the Babolat flex at 72, which is similar to mine)

I won't suggest a string, because everyone has their own love affairs there. I use synthetic gut because it is arm-friendly and inexpensive, and when fresh, does everything well. And since I restring my own, it is easy to keep fresh. (I play 3-5 times a week, 2-4 hours a day, and restring every three weeks or so) Others will feel differently. But a blind test of syn gut against another will always open eyes. I use Gamma syn gut, 16 gauge with Wearguard, and I have read that they make Prince syn gut, too. Prince has "Dynaguard," though.

Best of luck to you
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Old 2017-07-21, 21:12   #3
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Join Date: Jul 2017
Posts: 2

That does help Trinity. Thank you.
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