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Old 2018-12-08, 20:03   #1
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Default Playing again of long break and would appreciate some string suggestions

Hello all. I'm new here and looking for some string advice. I played college tennis in the US in the early 1990s but stopped playing upon graduation. After a 20+ year hiatus I started playing again a couple of months ago. I am an aggressive all court player. I take full swings and hit with heavy topspin on the backhand but not as much on the forehand. I used Prince Pro Blend when I was playing daily because I was a chronic string breaker. It was okay but lacked feel. Recently I have been using a hybrid of Wilson NXT(main)/Luxilon ALU Power Rough (cross) at 55lbs. This gives me plenty of pace but I'm having trouble keeping serves and groundstrokes in. Everything is just a bit long and I would prefer a bit more bite to pull these shots in. I have no forearm or wrist issues but I do have a history of shoulder injuries. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

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Old 2019-02-01, 15:52   #2
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I would say if you like your setup now but going long, dial up the tension a little bit by 3-5 lbs. Will make all the difference in control.

If you dont like the setup, and you're a string breaker AND can handle a fb of poly, I think there's so many poly choices you could go for. What racquet are you using?
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