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Holabird Sports
Old 2011-06-23, 22:36   #1
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Default Discovering Stringing Tension

About a year ago, I started stringing my own racquets. Having one foot in 3.0 and one foot in 3.5 meant that strokes issues had many friends and enemies. I dutifully watched the stringing videos, took lessons from two stringers, and carefully calibrated my stringing machine. And that's not all, I dutifully read a lot of posts about tension and stringing and strings.

All good, right? Almost. I also bought a stringmeter after a lot of research and understood it's strengths and weaknesses pretty well. Anyway, I was happy with my stringjobs and even pointed out problems with string jobs of local stringers.

Then one day I kept a promise to myself. For Father's day I bought a BEERS ERT 300. Well, I kind of crapped my pants. The stringmeter was correct that my stringing tension was significantly lower than desired - like 10 to 13 lbs lower.

Having both meters means I can't rationalize away the bottom line. Having two meters meant I could recalibrate my stringer so that regardless of any calibration issues, stringing machine issues, or stringer failings (never an issue of course) I can pretty well and consistently not only hit my target dynamic tension but am now discovering the benefits of stringing at higher tension.

Good thing since I now have a foot into 4.0.
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