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Holabird Sports
Old 2016-07-06, 19:11   #1
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Green Bay, WI
Posts: 39
Default First time stringing. Gamma x2 drop weight

I have a Babolat C-Drive 102 16x20 with 4 humps, 8 grommets showing on the neck, under Babolat, 2 knots on the top left, 3rd and 4th mains in from the frame, 1 knot, on bottom left 2nd sting in from the frame, and a 4th knot on the top right, 3rd string in from the frame.
So will I start from the top or the bottom?

I'm using some Wilson NXT Tour that i got for 5 dollars for my first time, and just a full bed. I am a full bed poly player.
Where can I find a guide for everything I need to know about different stringing patterns? knots? I saw a few Youtube videos, but they were not very instructive?
I have a Babolat Pure Drive 16x19 but 3 showing grommet humps on that one- so 6 grommets (my main racquet), and with that, there is 2 knots on the bottom, 3rd string in from the each side on the mains, a knot on the left side, second cross up, and a knot on the top right, 2nd string in on the main. So where would i start stringing that?

Any and all info would be appreciated. Thanks much!

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Old 2016-07-07, 11:29   #2
Join Date: Mar 2014
Posts: 88

I'm new to stringing, going on 6 months.
I tried to read as much as possible on this site and on the TW forum and watched lots of youtube videos, mainly posts by YULitle and Mr10sStringer these guys are an awesome resource.

For where to start watch this video on youtube: 1CuV0mEzW-A

Tie off locations are usually marked on the racquet if not i usually try this website: http://www.klipperusa.com/stringing/manufacturers.php

Sometimes i won't find the racquet im stringing on this site and there are no markings on the frame, so i keep note of where the tie off locations are.
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Old 2016-07-09, 03:47   #3
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Green Bay, WI
Posts: 39

Thank you very much sundevil1. That was totally helpful.. I have now strung 3 racquets,
first one was just horrible, with good knots on the mains.. the cross starting knot I had trouble and finishing knot was just horrid. And I was crossing over strings that i had to use the awe to lift the string out of the way, to use the grommet twice, and the second was pretty much the same, but I knew what to skip, and was not having to feed the cross though an already used grommet, and I hit with it for a day, but it was still NXT tour string and while I was stringing it, it was turning white. It's like 4 years old. but the finishing knot still was not as good as my stringer at the pro shop does it. But the 3rd time using a cheap poly, it turned out really good. I hit with it today, and played ok, but I my bottom cross, which i string the highest 2 and lowest 2 crosses and the closest 2 to the mains, I string them 2 to 60, and 56 the rest, but after 2 hours tonight, I could move my lowest main over a half an inch, so I think I am losing tension even at 60 to have a nice solid bed or that knot is giving up.
What knot do you use to finish?
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Old 2016-07-09, 21:58   #4
Join Date: Mar 2014
Posts: 88

its a process, i think I've made every imaginable mistake that can be done the first few times but you get through it. I really enjoy having my own stringing machine because i get to string when i want it done no long to trips the shop and waiting, that by itself is worth it.

Strings will always lose tension after job completion some worth than others.
I use the Wilson Pro Knot, and when i tie off i usually follow a similar procedure as in this video at youtube:


I no longer use a starting knot on the crosses since they can be bulky (i also can't get the right knot to stay against the frame instead of pointing into the string bed) and so use starting clamp to hold the string.

Always string two piece eventually i'd like to learn atw but i'm in no hurry at the moment.

Hope the video helps
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Old 2016-07-12, 20:57   #5
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2015
Location: NE Ohio
Posts: 4

I was going to tell you to use YouTube but sounds like you already received that advice and are well on your way stringing.

Your knots will improve with time. I personally prefer to do one piece as often as possible just to avoid the extra knots.
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Old 2017-05-14, 17:15   #6
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2017
Posts: 4

It's not too hard to figure out where to start. Just look for the set of holes in the middle
of the racquet

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