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Holabird Sports
Old 2017-01-01, 12:16   #1
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2017
Posts: 3
Default Want advice for a compact Machine for home use

Hi all,

I and my wife are recreational tennis players. I am tired of driving to Pro shop for stringing our rackets every month or so, waiting approx 2 hour wandering around in street waiting for them to do the stringing job.....

Therefore, I want to buy a simple machine to do my own stinging works thinking that this can save my time and some money.

We live in a small apartment and my wife definitely now allows me to place a stringing machine permanently in our living room. Therefore, I need a compact machine and would dismantle it, pack it in a "small package" and store it when it is not in use. Re-assemble it for my stringing works whenever I need to on monthly basis or bi-weekly basis for 2 rackets.

We are outside and far away from the US so shipping cost is also a concern. Budget should not exceed USD800 shipped.

After searching the net for a while, I have come to the following options with some comments and questions:

1. Gamma X-2
- It is inexpensive approx USD300 shipped and seems to be very reliable.
- Not sure if it is easy to use for us novice and infrequent users.
- Will it produce reasonably consistent results (tension)? We are not requesting a high precision one but should be reasonable.
- It can be disassembled and re-assembled easily. Can be packed very small if I dismantle its tensioning arm/mechanism as well.

2. Pro Stringner Plantinum
- Higer price than he Gamma X-2 but still within my budget
- Very compact, light and can be disabled and assembled easily.
- Seems to be easy to use
- A very good and break through in stinging machine design
- Not sure of its accuracy and consistency. Saw a Youtube review (only one) saying that it is not accurate and not consistent. On the other hand, I saw 2~3 positive reviews by Professionals on it. Apart from these, I am not able to get more user feedback.

I am leaning toward to buy the Pro-Stinger but the bad review from youtube has hold me back. If this compact machine can do a consistent and reliable job, I will go for it even at a bit higher price because of its compactness, the potentially faster stringing work, and its design of not fully stressing the 2 mounting points when tensioning.

On the other hand, the Gamma seems to be a very reliable machine and calibration seems to be not required. It's straining mechanism seems to be difficult to fail.

Your comments, inputs, recommendations or advices on the above choices, or other alternatives will be very much appreciated.

Thanks and happy new year.
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Old 2017-01-07, 19:27   #2
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2016
Posts: 26

Andy, I can't believe no one has replied yet! I would think there would be a great debate started by now.

Everyone has their own parameters, and I didn't want to pay as much as you are willing to pay, and I chose the Klippermate. That gives a very different experience than the models you have mentioned, but I find it very enjoyable. A video shows it in action in real time, and you can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dH1ni6XavpM&t=4s

My total time, for my own racquets, which no longer require any extra thinking, is an hour. But I don't rush it. I am sitting on a couch, with the machine on a table in front of me. Doing the crosses is a little faster if one is standing.

I'm not trying to advocate for it, but couldn't stand no one having replied yet! Good luck!
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Old 2017-01-08, 02:46   #3
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2004
Posts: 18

Try Stringway. Their mounting is good - will not damage the racquet and distributes the load well. It can be disassembled. Not sure how convenient the one with floating clamps is. Try to get the one with permanent clamps if you can squeeze it into your budget. They seem to have sites for different countries in Europe.
tball is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2017-01-09, 08:15   #4
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: Otopeni, Romania
Posts: 22

Dear Andy

There are many variants which are not exceeding 800usd. Since you're beginner, I would recommend any Gamma dropweight machine with 6 mounting points (much better than 2) to ensure minimum stress in the frame. Clamping system is also very good (diamond coated) and it's a reliable (cleaning of clamps must be performed very often).
Stringway is also a very good option. As Tball mentioned, the mounting systems is excellent and you can go for fixed clamps (aluminium made).
Note that regardless of the choice you make, there will be some "learning" time that you need to spend in order to get used to it (hours!!!!).
Good luck
Jazz is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2017-01-10, 04:56   #5
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2017
Posts: 3

Hi all,

Thanks for your advice. After searching more, I intend to go for Klippermate to start with in consideration of cost, compactness and long term reliability.

In future, if I want to upgrade, I may sell the Klippermate and go for higher end machines.

There have been discussion of Gamma X2 vs Klippermate and I decided the Klippermate over the Gamma .

Thanks all again.
andy2667 is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2017-02-01, 02:35   #6
Senior Member
BallJacker's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 554

Get a Starting Clamp or two, especially if you are going to use floating clamps.
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Old 2017-09-08, 02:44   #7
Posts: n/a

I think for home use Klippermate over the Gamma. It's all-included with tool kit, free string
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Old 2017-09-09, 14:01   #8
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2017
Posts: 3

Sorry that I have not updated this thread. Finally, I have bought a Stringway machine because I prefer the automatic drop weight machines to normal drop weight machines. The cost difference is not that much considering this is a long term investment. Thanks all for the inputs and advices.
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