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Old 2017-09-07, 02:26   #1
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Default 2017 Machines: Your experience requested (Babolat and Tourna)

If you own or have strung with the following machines, please share your thoughts.

Babolat Racket Station - Perf,
Babolat Racket Station - PerfLink,
Babolat Racket Station - UltimateLink,
Tourna 800-ES

On the Tourna machine, what has been your experience with the humidity and temperature gauges? How has this impacted your string jobs?
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Old 2018-07-31, 09:24   #2
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I currently own a Babolat Perflink semi auto edition

We previously had the Star 5 and Sensor so this upgrade was a no brained for us.
We have a Baiardo for our home but the Ergo One and this new edition for travel.

It is a very light machine compared to any of the babolat models
I would prefer if it had a better screen even at the middle level... LCD touch screen isn’t expensive people put it in!!!
However it is a loud machine. I believe because there are a lot of metal pieces the clinks and clanks are more acoustically loud.
I do love the angular tension head as it doesnt pull straight. It is at an angle which I think amazing so it doesn’t pull a sharp angle compared to a linear one. Clamps are upgraded and bigger which is always good and obviously the circular rail are amazing and genius. On the Crosses if some how you didn’t have a starting clamp you can fit two clamps on one side!

We are currently looking to sell ours only because we are getting two Tecnifibre machines at an amazing deal so it would be best to let this go to a special home.

Let me know if you want to know more
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