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Holabird Sports

Alpha Apex

Evaluations of the Alpha Apex:

Gaines Hillix, June 29, 2004:

   Place of purchase: Alpha Tennis

   Date of purchase: 12/2003

   Warranty: 5 years

   Price: $995


Upgraded with Wise Electronic tension head, 2 spring assisted dual action swivel clamps, 6 point full suspension frame mount, upright stand mounted, tool tray.


I replaced the turntable and frame mount on my Alpha Axis Pro machine with one from the APEX model courtesy of Alpha Tennis. This was a nice enhancement to the machine. The frame mounting system is very similar to a Babolat Star 3. The layout of the inside billiards at 6/12 and the shoulder mounts is the same. So are the adjustment knobs for them. The turntable is very thick and sturdy as are the side frame support arms. The paint was perfeact and very thick. The frame has the most clearance with the arms of any machine I have seen. There were two sets of frame support brackets included with the machine; one is C shaped, one is 1/2 V shaped.

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