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Eagnas Combo 710
Eagnas Combo 710

Evaluations of the Eagnas Combo 710:

John Whittaker, February 06, 2008:

   Place of purchase: Maxline

   Date of purchase: 01/2008

   Warranty: 5 years

   Price: $299


drop weight, 6 point mounting, two slim S/S swivel clamps, portable model


I've read all the "warnings" about Eagnas but have some experience buying imported woodworking machines and am familiar with all the trash talking that goes on between importers. Since all the machines I was looking at seem to be manufactured in the same "zip code" I chose to do business with Eagnas/Maxline. Even so - I was prepared to take pictures of any damaged goods or packaging issues - but was happy that the camera was not needed.

The box arrived via UPS ground in good condition. The machine parts were all packed inside other smaller boxes inside the main box. All were packed inside bubble wrap and a styrofoam pad on the bottom of main box was added protection. All parts & pieces were intact and in good shape.

The assembly instructions for the Combo 710 were a little vague but not too difficult to follow. I didn't read the stringing instructions so can't comment about them. I noticed they were referencing a one-piece string job which could be confusing to a beginner. You can search the net and find plenty of info on 'how to' stringing.

I was very pleased with the Combo 710's overall performance. Fit & finish was fine. The base flexed a bit and should be made using thicker gauge steel, but the top table construction was solid and mechanical operation is fine. The clamps (solid stainless steel) were very good and easy to adjust. If anyone has problems with these clamps - learn how much pressure is too much and not enough. The thumb swivel base clamps were smooth but again, if not adjusted properly, could be too loose or too tight resulting in rough operation. On most machines, periodic adjustment is required, but they are easy to do.

After assembly and minor adjustment to the clamps and string gripper, the first string job on this machine went perfectly. This is not the machine to buy if you plan on stringing a lot of racquets. I am using the 710 for personal racquets only. It will not get heavy use (about 1 per week) so the price and quality meets my needs.

Negatives about the Combo 710:
  • Base flexes slightly during pull. I will fix this by adding an angle brace underneath.
  • Assembly instructions not as clear as they could be.
  • Drop weight scale is in kilograms - would have preferred Lbs but conversion is simple.
Positives about the Combo 710:
  • Overall quality of machine better than expected.
  • String clamp and base thumb clamp operation and construction are good (clamps are very important)
  • Drop weight ratchet works well & speeds up the process.
  • Constant pull - yields a more consistent string bed.
  • Price, price, price.

I would recommend this machine with the following advice. Eagnus seems to be a high volume low price distributor and not staffed or geared for customer service. This IS NOT a knock on them. It's the business model they follow. If you need the help and advice of the seller, go somewhere else. If you are looking for a low cost machine and have some mechanical sense to get things adjusted properly, Eagnas is the place.

Note that the information on this page reflects the personal subjective opinion of the evaluators. If you disagree, please send in your own opinion.