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Eagnas Pro 845
Eagnas Pro 845

Evaluations of the Eagnas Pro 845:

Daniel Lawrence, March 6, 2003:

   Place of purchase:Eagnas

   Date of purchase:02/2003

   Warranty: 2 years electronic parts / 5 years mechanic

   Price: $459


tabletop, electronic tensioner, 6 point mounting, 2 diamond-coated swivel clamps


My first stringing experience with this machine was poor, but that's because the damn e-force stringing instructions for the classic Beldam 190 are incorrect. After figuring that out, I strung the racquet 3 times with the machine (and crappy string) just to get used to the way it worked and see what I really thought. Overall, I'm very pleased with the machine. It works well, and quickly, and has constant tensioning. The clamps adjust well, and are solid. The electronic tensioner is easy to use, and accurate, though the gripper can crimp the strings, if you're not careful. The mounting points leave a bit to be desired, because a bedlam fits ... but barely, and not as snugly as I'd like (the outside throat mounts touch but are not snug). Overall, I'd say it's a great machine for the price, and I'm more than happy with the purchase, but there are a few small things that Eagnas could improve.

Note that the information on this page reflects the personal subjective opinion of the evaluators. If you disagree, please send in your own opinion.