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Eagnas Smart 909
Eagnas Smart 909

Evaluations of the Eagnas Smart 909:

disconbobulated, November 22, 2004:

   Place of purchase:China

   Date of purchase:04/2004

   Warranty: N/A

   Price: $500


Upright, lockout tensioner, 6 point suspension mounting, 2 swivel clamps


Heard a lot of bad press about Eagnas. I have to say that I dealt with the China office solely via email and have nothing but good things to say about my experience.
The machine is solidly built & was assembled in approximately 1 hour. Sits on the floor nicely (legs are adjustable), just feels a little low to the ground for comfort (I am only 5'8"!) but not too bad. Swivel clamps are excellent & lock with just thumb action (1 handed). Adjustable supports hold racket snugly - although because they are quite big adjustment knobs, I have a tendency to catch them whilst stringing. Would be nice to be able to "lock" them into position. Takes approximately 50mins per racket at the moment, although only done about 1/2 doz so far.
Quality machine at an EXCELLENT price.

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