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Ektelon Model H
Ektelon Model H

Evaluations of the Ektelon Model H:

Bill S., August 1, 2005:

   Place of purchase: Second hand from a friend

   Date of purchase: 1990

   Warranty: used

   Price: $400


Crank/Spring tension head, two point mounting, 2 glide bar clamps, upright


My experience with this machine has been overwhelmingly positive. I have never had a problem with it. Stringing with this machine is very easy and the results seem very consistent from string job to string job. I did buy a couple spare parts from Ektelon and they were easy to deal with.

jonpowl, December 13, 2007:

   Place of purchase: Ektelon

   Date of purchase: 1985

   Warranty: 5 years

   Price: $1100


Upright, floor model, crank tension, two single action fixed string clamps, 2 point mounting, and ball bearing gripper


Assembly is easy (approx. 10 minutes). Manual was adequate. Machine is well made, strings almost all rackets and is quick and easy to use. No electricity is required, so can be used anywhere. My average stringing is approximately 500 rackets per year. New clamps are purchased every 12-15 months and the tension head assembly has been serviced by tennismachines.com three times in 20+ years. Parts are also readily available at tennismachines.com and I believe they provide service and warranty repair for Prince (Ektelon). I am a USRSA Master Racquet Technician and have strung on Ektelon model F, Tru Tension, Babolat Star, Gamma, Tecnifibre, and Prince P200 stringing machines. While I would not mind having a Babolat or Tecnifibre machine, it would be in addition to my Ektelon (now Prince Neos 1000).

Note that the information on this page reflects the personal subjective opinion of the evaluators. If you disagree, please send in your own opinion.