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Holabird Sports

Gamma X-ES
Gamma X-ES

Evaluations of the Gamma X-ES:

CoachV, December 10, 2004:

   Place of purchase: Gamma

   Date of purchase: 11/2004

   Warranty: 1-5 years

   Price: $899


tabletop, electric constant pull tensioner, 6-point mounting, 2 swivel clamps, two internal drawers, nice aluminum blue, basic stringing tools (awl etc.)


I used to string with the Klippermate, which is a great machine if you do your own rackets and nothing more than 5 a day. I just got a stringing job at the Bronx International Youth Tennis Center and I needed to put a serious machine there. I got the Gamma X-ES through Gamma. It's very light and portable. As a novice I was able to get a racket done in a half hour. Since I have very little experience with serious machines, I bought the machine to eliminate problems that usually occur due to learning curves.
This model is small, no real hang-ups, comes with a foot pedal option. I bought a simple portable table for $20 as its stand. If I could do it over I think I would make the same investment. I don't fear the fact that some of the parts are aluminum, if there is malfunction Gamma is reputable.

C. Barnby, December 30, 2008:

   Place of purchase: Holabird Sports

   Date of purchase: 11/2008

   Warranty: N/A

   Price: $900


tabletop, electric tensioner, 6-point mounting, 2 floating clamps, standard tools setup


Purchase and delivery was exceptional. The machine setup in minimal amount of time... approx. 20 min. Although the user manual was included, subjects jump around a bit through out the manual. The handling of the machine is simple and easy. Although the weight is around 50lbs, not to bad for the wife to have me move it from time to time! :) The mounts and clamps work fine with minor adjustments to the clamps. Although the clamps do not fit as neatly between the mains (when stringing crosses) as I'd like, it does not effect the job.
This is the first stringing machine I've purchased and would definitely make the same decision again. Overall, a terrific machine and does the same job as the floor models.

Sea Dragon, March 03, 2010:

   Place of purchase: eBay

   Date of purchase: 10/2008

   Warranty: used

   Price: $600


tabletop, electric tensioner, 6-point mounting, 2 diamond coated clamps, starting clamp, hex wrench, awl, clamp cleaner, tension gauge, cover


Machine was pre-assembled. I purchased this machine used and while it had quite a few extras. Replacement parts are easy to get with this machine through ATS Sports (the foot pedal was missing and one of the mounting piece protector pads was lost in shipping). I was also able to download the owner's manual online.

I've used a Klippermate for years and decided to upgrade. The X-ES is very easy to use and easily adjusted to string just about any racquet (haven't encountered any that I've had a problem with). I've strung over 100 racquets since I purchased this machine and it has performed flawlessly.

I check tension calibration a couple of times and it has needed little or no adjustment (I adjusted it once and it was off by less than a pound and may have been a function of my measuring device).

The clamps and gripper work great. I had reservations stringing natural gut with my old Klippermate because it would crust the string if I was not really careful. The diamond coated clamps make a huge difference in terms of holding strings in place without too much pressure.

I find that I'm able to string most racquets in about 30 minutes with this stringer. Overall, this is a great machine and has already paid for itself. If I ever decide to get another machine, I would not hesitate to buy whatever comparable Gamma model is available. The only other thing I might look for is one that has a straight pull tensioner instead of a rotational one but those cost a lot more.

Note that the information on this page reflects the personal subjective opinion of the evaluators. If you disagree, please send in your own opinion.