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Mutual Power Hercules 610
Mutual Power Hercules 610

Evaluations of the Mutual Power Hercules 610:

TonyB., October 03, 2006:

   Place of purchase: mutualpower.net

   Date of purchase: 09/2006

   Warranty: 5 years

   Price: $319


Dropweight, table-top, 6-point mounting, 2 fixed cone-lock clamps, linear gripper


Ordered this on the 'net, got free shipping with the machine. Received the machine within 1 week and had no trouble setting it up. Attach the weight arm and slip the clamps into the base. Not real difficult. The manual could be better - I didn't need to use it, so I didn't really look through it too closely. My guess is that it's satisfactory, but it's not really well presented.
The linear gripper works amazingly well. I had no trouble with it whatsoever. Clamps hold very securely and claim to be "diamond dusted", although I can't verify that. They appear to be rough, but since the majority of the holding force is in the tightness of the clamps themselves, I'm not sure the diamond dust does a whole lot. Just make sure you keep the clamping jaws clean with a toothbrush and some denatured alcohol and you'll be fine.
The mounting system holds fairly securely, although you can see the entire mounting base move when under tension. The clamps could be a little better, but they do their job. Again, you can see them "bend" during tensioning, but they seem pretty solid and I haven't noticed any tension issues on a finished racquet.
All in all, a very solid machine, for a very cheap price, with fixed clamps and a 6-point mounting system, you just can't go wrong. Everything works as it should, and the weight arm scale is properly calibrated, as long as you use a good technique and don't let the weight drop either too slow or too fast. Use a nice, controlled release and you should hit the proper tension within 1 or 2 lb. every time.
Would I buy this again? Sure. The only improvement I can see is to make the turntable base a bit heavier-duty to eliminate the flex during tensioning. But since the flex doesn't affect the end result, I can live with it. Besides, I'm sure every other cheap dropweight machine does the same thing.
I'd give it one and one-half thumbs up.

Note that the information on this page reflects the personal subjective opinion of the evaluators. If you disagree, please send in your own opinion.