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Pocket Pro
Pocket Pro

Evaluations of the Pocket Pro:

Roman, May 10, 2003:

   Place of purchase: from friend

   Date of purchase: summer 2002

   Warranty: used

   Price: $260


portable, spring tensioner, automatic brake, 4 rigid fixing points, two clamps from top, special bag, set of tools, 360 deg turntable, guidelines


Must be skilled, because you have to assemble racket holder with base frame, and make sure that you tighten the hook of the clamps to the frame well. I appreciate the crank tensioning and light weight (12 lbs, easy portable). I'll keep it forever!!!

Kurt, November 17, 2005:

   Place of purchase: eBay

   Date of purchase: 11/2005

   Warranty: used

   Price: $100


Spring tensioner, 4-point mounting, 2 spring-loaded clamps, portable with upright stand


Racquet mount is fairly stable for its simple and minimal support. Rotating racquet mount table can be set to tilt like 20-30 deg, which I found helpful pulling the string straight(er), especially for crosses. Pull head jaw closes as you crank and hold the string tight without slipping or damaging, then it releases when you crank back. Racquet handle could interfere the crank when stringing middle mains, but you can manage it. Automatic one-way clutch holds the pull head at or near preset tension (you can adjust it), while allowing you to crank further as you monitor the change in tension on the scaled brass rod (i.e 4 notches, 2 lbs apart). This makes pre-tensioning and compensating initial tension loss very easy and accurate. While clamp is spring-loaded and easy to hold the string securely by twist of a lever, it is semi-fixed onto the table so you need to set it up carefully to prevent moving/tension loss. With little getting used to, I found it works just fine. You would need to replace the cord periodically as it wears and eventually breaks. I broke one came with the machine during my first use just after pulling 2nd main. Do not try to use cheap generic/household cords or ropes, which will not hold up long. After little bit of search I found 300-lb rating cord from an outdoor supply store (i.e REI), which is working great and only cost me like $4. Accessing inside the tensioner is as easy as just removing 2 screws holding the bottom plate, but replacing the cord took some patience in terms of routing it correctly while keeping under some tension. Once you do it no big deal. Included was a print with step-by-step photos of stringing procedure in front and exploded view of the stringer in the back. Overall, this little machine is easy to use with useful features, perfect for personal stringing with unique portability. Reliable, good quality, great value.

Note that the information on this page reflects the personal subjective opinion of the evaluators. If you disagree, please send in your own opinion.