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Holabird Sports

Serrano UV550B

Evaluations of the Serrano UV550B:

Bill S., February 11, 2010:

   Place of purchase: Tennis Machines, Inc.

   Date of purchase: 1995

   Warranty: used

   Price: $300


Upright, drop-weight, speed clamp, 2 point mounting


I have strung on one of these machines since 1970. It's a little harder on the fingers than the Babolat Sensor, which I also had for a couple of years, but it still does the job. Low tech can do just as well, or in some respects, even better than high tech. The only problem you might have is very large frames, but the machine can be extended by someone who knows what they're doing. Also you have to be careful with the use of any lubricants on the machine parts. If anyone has clamps or peace pipes for this machine please email me.

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