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Silent Partner e.Stringer SC
Silent Partner e.Stringer SC

Evaluations of the Silent Partner e.Stringer SC:

Michael Lam, May 21, 2001:

   Place of purchase: Mail order

   Date of purchase: 27/3/2001

   Warranty: 5 years, 1 year for the tensioner

   Price: $399


electronic tensioner, 1 fixed clamp, 1 flying clamp, 6 point mounting, tabletop


The machine came with no manual & it took a week for it to arrive. After stringing, I felt that the racquet is not strung at the intended tension. I called the company up & was informed that I must have lost a lot of tension while removing the clamps. They say that their machines were calibrated correctly before shipping. To check the tension, the only way is to buy a calibrator. I then bought a calibrator from the company. The calibrator showed only 20 lbs when the tension was set to 80 lbs. We called the company up again, they insisted that the machine is fine. They also know that California has a power problem so that we are not getting the power necessary to run the machine. Now, I have returned the machine to the Company, and just for everybody know, they still deny that they have sent out any defective machine & blame on the power supply. On top of that, they charged in Canadian dollar and there are $ amount discrepancy to the actual charge. Buyer beware esp those in California. For a first time stringer, this is really discouraging.

Brian Smith, June 13, 2001:

   Place of purchase: Silent Partner

   Date of purchase: 08/2000

   Warranty: 5 years, 1 year for the tensioner, 1 week return for refund

   Price: $399


Electronic tensioner, six point mount, one swivel and one flying clamp, table top


I am very happy with my e.Stringer SC. I have been stringing for many years and I found this to be an excellent machine for the price. My machine is very accurate (within one pound) and the clamps work well. Two of my friends have bought one and their machines are also very accurate. Compared to machines with a drop weight, this machine is very convenient to use and gives faster results.
I have found the service from this company to be outstanding. In my dealings with them they have been very cooperative and extremely knowlegeable. If you are not happy with the machine after trying it for a week they will take it back and refund you.

Jerry M, March 02, 2002:

   Place of purchase: Magazine

   Date of purchase: 04/2001

   Warranty: 5 years

   Price: $399


Table top, electronic tensioner, six point mount, one fixed and one flying clamp


Beware when you first attempt stringing with this machine. You have to calibrate the tension often. My first attempt found me with a racquet strung way too tight and I string my MP racquets at 67lbs on the mains and 63lbs on the crosses. It actually was in the neighborhood of 73&69 so I bought a calibration device from Gamma and reset the machine. Also do not string when machine is cold. Allow it to warm up by running tensioner for about 5 minutes. This has seemed to help in getting the desired tension.
The clamping system seems to be adequate but don't bother buying their strings. Not worth putting on my 10 year old daughter's racquets. Overall I would not buy another Silent Partner product.

Note that the information on this page reflects the personal subjective opinion of the evaluators. If you disagree, please send in your own opinion.