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Tecnifibre Pro Cord

Tecnifibre Pro Cord

Evaluations of the Tecnifibre Pro Cord:

Greg Raven, August 5, 2002:

   Place of purchase: on loan

   Date of purchase: 07/2002

   Warranty: used

   Price: N/A


Electronic tensioner, hybrid mounting system (part lock-down, part air support), two fixed single-action auto-locking clamps, tabletop with pedestal option


It's easy to see why Tecnifibre (Major) machines are the official machines of Roland Garros (the "French Open"). First, the pedestal has a hydraulic cartridge to make it a breeze to set the height. Second, the mounting system firmly holds the racquet while applying what seems like no pressure. Third, the tension head has a "T-bar" that works as a diablo or nosecone so the string exits the tension head at the same place, time after time. Fourth, the tension is spot-on. Fifth, the shoulder supports can be temporarily slipped out of the side arms in the unlikely event that they block a grommet. I have a little problem with string catching on the underneath tool tray, but every machine seems to catch the string somewhere. No obvious bells or whistles, but a very solid stringing machine.

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