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Discontinued MSV Elastic Poly 1.25 (20666 hits) Co-PolyesterMonofilament 1 rating €4.90* Available in: Germany 2004-12-23
 Durability  Power  Control  Feel  Comfort  Spin  Tension stab.  Satisfaction  Overall
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Ratings 1-1 of 1
Tester Philipp (28), 2004-12-23  Trusted Tester Residence: Germany boys team player upper league, hard strokes with heavy spin, offensive baseline game
Test Conditions Tension Racquet
55/53 lbs Völkl Quantum 10 (MP, 16/19)
Absolute Rating Durability Power Control Feel Comfort Spin Tension Stability
I've tested the string indoors on carpet, so I can't rate the spin. Neither can I rate the durability due to the playing conditions, but it seems to last quite long. The playability was average. There are better strings for the price.
Satisfied? not satisfied
Compared to:
Babolat Ballistic Polymono 1.25
Durability Power Control Feel Comfort Spin Tension Stability
The Polymono is better in almost every aspect. Also the Polystar Energy wins the direct comparison. The Energy is just a little better in all categories.
Similar string(s): n/a
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