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Available Mantis Tour Poly Red 1.22 (20521 hits) Co-PolyesterMonofilament 1 rating Available in: World 2018-04-11
 Durability  Power  Control  Feel  Comfort  Spin  Tension stab.  Satisfaction  Overall
100% (1/1)

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Ratings 1-1 of 1
Tester AYtennis (20), 2018-04-11  anonymous Residence: Great Britain male tournament player international level, medium strokes with heavy spin, defensive baseline game
Test Conditions Tension Racquet
50/50 lbs Head YouTek IG Prestige Pro (MP, 16/19)
Absolute Rating Durability Power Control Feel Comfort Spin Tension Stability
Easy to string, slides across itself so no notching. This string was very interesting to me, I read about it although there isn't much feedback on this string. I decided to try it anyway and I ended up liking it. At first it's very stiff and wire like. Even at 50lbs! It plays much thicker than 1.22 would suggest. At first I felt like I was playing with Solinco Outlast, sluggish and low powered but with a firmer feel. Outlast is at least soft feeling. But once the string settled and I had played with it for a bit it really opened up. You will need to string Poly Tour Red in the 40's to get the most out of it. I like that this string can do everything pretty well. It has good control and spin when needed. I reminds me of Isospeed Black Fire with how firm it is. This string can play at a high level and with its price point it can really appeal to lower level futures and open tournament players. It holds tension well right until it breaks if you use it consistently. A real diamond in the rough but I doubt it will ever catch on with players.
Satisfied? satisfied
Compared to:
Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power 16L
Durability Power Control Feel Comfort Spin Tension Stability
It says it can perform as well as Luxilon and other top strings. Whilst it doesn't live up to that it's still a very good string. It's price point will be the most appealing thing, along the lines of Isospeed Black Fire, Solinco Outlast or Signum Pro Poly Plasma.
Similar string(s): Isospeed Black Fire
StringAdjectives stiff, wire-like, solid, crispy
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