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Available Yonex Poly Tour Strike 1.25 (1529 hits) Co-PolyesterMonofilament 1 rating Available in: World 2018-09-08
 Durability  Power  Control  Feel  Comfort  Spin  Tension stab.  Satisfaction  Overall
100% (1/1)

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Tester Custom4Tennis (2), 2018-09-08  anonymous Residence: Netherlands male young seniors tournament player national level, hard strokes with heavy spin, offensive baseline game
Test Conditions Tension Racquet
55/53 lbs Yonex Vcore Pro 97 (customized) (MP, 16/19)
Absolute Rating Durability Power Control Feel Comfort Spin Tension Stability
 (>20 hrs.)
Stringing was very easy. Strung 4 frames in 1 hour (cutting out + putting Logo and overgrip). Played at 23°C in Zwijndrecht in the Netherlands. The court surface was clay. There was a little bit of wind. We used Tretorn Serie+ Balls.
Racket that I used is my personal frame the Vcore Pro 97 (customized) with Alien Pros X-Dry Plus overgrip.
Satisfied? satisfied
Compared to:
Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power 16L
Durability Power Control Feel Comfort Spin Tension Stability
I am used to testing tennis strings. A friend tested this string at 23/22kg in his Yonex Vcore pro 97 310 and said it had way too much power. I didn't believe it so I tested it by myself. I used Grapplesnake Cube 1.18, Solinco Hyper-G 16L or Babolat RPM Blast 17 as my main strings at 25/24kg. But I have been testing Alu Power lately. In comparison to Alu Power 16L this has much better tension stability. It doesn't lose any noticeable tension only lost 2 DT in 2 weeks (39 to 37DT). The ALU power lost a lot of DT (39 to 31) in 2 days. So this was way better. This string delivers for me an amount of spin that is not expected from a round poly. It is almost as good as the Hyper-G and RPM Blast. Power is the thing I liked. It is very controllable power at 25/24kg. You decide how much power you want to put in your strokes. And will help to switch from offending to attacking situations. The dwell time is shorter than with strings like Alu Power, but what that allowed me to do is play very direct and attacking with a lot of precision. I absolutely loved it.
Durability is better than the strings I mentioned above. Still no cuts into the string. I used to break Alu Power 16L in less than 1.5 hours. The RPM Blast in 3 hours and the Hyper-G 16L in 4 hours.
The feel. Its difficult to talk about feel because what is feel. For every player it is different. For me feel is translated in switching from very hard attacking shots to a drop shot, the volleys at the net and the service.
It was very easy to hit a drop shot, take away all the power of the opponent's shot and put a lot of backspin in it. IT WAS FUN! Never hit such good volleys with lots of feel and depth control. I can place the volleys where I want with this string even if the opponent hits very hard. Service was the thing I felt like this was a game changer. I had effortless placement and soft feel. Very easy to switch from a slice to kick serve and even a flatserve would succeed. It was even possible to hit 9 out of 10 services at almost the same spot in the service box.

This string was amazing. I would recommend it to players that are using Luxilon Alu Power that want to add durability and tension stability without sacrificing playability. I would recommend it also to players that are using Luxilon 4G that is a way too hard string for most players and will give arm injuries.

I will use it as my go to string from now on!
Similar string(s): Kirschbaum Max Power, Luxilon Alu Power
StringAdjectives resilient, explosive, crispy, precise, unique
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