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registered registered 1 rating Residence: Italy male 0000-00-00
male team player lower league
hard strokes with heavy spin, offensive baseline game
Current racquet Babolat Pure Aero Tour 2016 (MP, 16/19)
I'm a 4.5 ITR / 5.5 NTRP tennis player and stringer.
I play mostly from baseline, hitting with hard strokes with heavy spin, moving the opponent far away its baseline and opening the court by getting sharper and sharper angles. Something like "Nadal style"!Using an extreme semiwestern grip on forehand and a continental/backhand eastern on backhand. My italian FIT rank is 4.2, playing mostly with 4.1-3.5 FIT rank.
I have found my racquet nirvana on the pure aero tour racquet, heavily customized with 9grams of lead around the hoop. 345gr strung, 355 final swingweight.
Being a stringer for myself and for a local club I enjoy testing strings and I'm sensitive to the launch angle and spin capability of the strings: if I make a bad choice regarding tension, resulting in a too much hard or soft stringbed, or if the string provide me too less spin, my game is heavily hurted. When the string provide good spin and I get the right stringbed stiffness, my ball with forehand stroke is fast, spinny and it lands on the last two meters of the court.
Being the PA a very opened pattern racquet, I prefer thick strings (1.30-1.35mm) that I usually break in 4-6 hours. I prefer soft poly at high tension with respect to hard poly at low tension, and I have settled on polystar turbo 1.35mm, that provide me good spin, high power, good control and feel, and good durability.
Here you can see some practice shots:
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Date 2016-02-06
String WeissCANNON Ultra Cable 1.23
Test Conditions Tension Racquet
55/53 lbs Babolat Pure Aero Tour 2016 (MP, 16/19)
Absolute Rating Durability Power Control Feel Comfort Spin Tension Stability
This is a very unique string, starting from the very squared profile. Despite the declared 1.23mm gauge, it is really a thick string and it plays more like a 16g-1.30mm round string. Ultra Cable provides good power and good control, but the outstanding characteristics are the SPIN and the physical DURABILITY.
It gives a LOT of spin on forehand shots, maybe even TOO MUCH for my western grip forehand. Really suitable for people that need more spin on their shots, it seems impossible to send the ball outside the lines with all that spin.
But the truly outstanding behaviour of this string is the no-notching after 3 hours of solid hitting. I hit hard shots and usually break 1.30mm string in 4 hours. This string seems brand new after 3 hours, you can move the crosses without any notching on the mains. I could imagine this string could stand hours and hours and hours of heavy hitting. Tension stability seems wonderful too.
At the end, I suggest this string to chronic string breakers and to every player that needs some extra spin with respect to usual poly. It has tourbite-ish spin capability ;)
Satisfied? satisfied
Compared to:
Solinco Tour Bite
Durability Power Control Feel Comfort Spin Tension Stability
Similar string(s): n/a
StringAdjectives comfortable, elastic, solid, innovative, unique
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