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registered registered 61 ratings Residence: USA male 1970-02-09
male team player upper league
medium strokes with heavy spin, allround game
Current racquet Wilson BLX2 Steam 105S (MP, 16/15)
Former 5.0 with lots of injuries and age. I played Division II college tennis 20 years ago. At this point in my career, I am just a really good 4.0 singles to a pretty good 4.5 doubles player. I am an all-court player with good strokes and volleys but the injuries have limited my ability to move.

I hit a one handed backhand with moderate topspin or a hard skidding slice. Forehand with moderate topspin.

My serve has heavy spin, usually first and second serve.

I play about three times per week almost exclusively on hard courts and most often outside.

I prefer soft strings but have played polys and kevlars. I am a frequent string breaker; with a natural gut, synthetic or multifilament I break strings about every 4 to 5 hours of play.
Test Pipeline
lostinamerica will be testing the following strings next:
Dyreex Black Edge 1.25100
Unique Tourna Poly Big Hitter Black 7 1620
Völkl Cyclone Tour 1620
Unique Tourna Poly Big Hitter Black 7 1710

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Date 2007-06-16
String Head Synthetic Gut 1.30
Test Conditions Tension Racquet
60/60 lbs Head i.X6 OS (OS, 16/19)
Absolute Rating Durability Power Control Feel Comfort Spin Tension Stability
 (4 hrs.)
For an inexpensive string, I really like this. It is not terribly durable but plays quite well for a string that is so inexpensive.
Satisfied? satisfied
Compared to:
Wilson NXT
Durability Power Control Feel Comfort Spin Tension Stability
Similar string(s): Prince Synthetic Gut
StringAdjectives soft, comfortable, elastic, spongy
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