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Holabird Sports

Pro's Pro Formula

Product Information: New formula. The highly elastic core of finest multifilaments is wrapped by a layer of braided filaments. The abrasion resistant coating increases durability. This high performance string even beats natural gut with its excellent power, liveliness and comfort.
Set Price: €3.00*
Gauges: 16
Colors: spiral
Type: MF
Available in: Europe Europe
Available at:


Available Pro's Pro Formula 16 Multifilament 12 ratings €3.00* Available in: Europe 2006-07-15
 Durability  Power  Control  Feel  Comfort  Spin  Ten. stab.  Satisfaction  Overall  PPR

Colors:   good   bad   average  ¦  Satisfaction = overall satisfaction  ¦  PPR = Performance/Price Ratio (the higher the better)

StringAdjectives (from 1 rating):

soft resilient spongy

String Archive:

This string has been stored in the String Archive, a collection of 10 inch long pieces of tennis strings. Currently the archive contains 473 different strings (not considering the different diameters).

*All prices are mail order prices for one string set without shipping and without stringing costs