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Holabird Sports

Gamma Edge

Gamma Edge
Product Information: Unique super metallic hybrid racquet string technology utilizing super thin metallic alloys which exhibit very high resiliency for greater power and in combination with the pearl coated synthetic gut crosses will not wear out which results in an extremely playable string having a long string life.
Manufacturer: www.gammasports.com
Set Price:
Gauges: 20
Colors: silver/pearl
Type: HYB
Available in: World World
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Surface view of the Gamma Edge 20 hybrid string. The main string (top) is constructed of 6 fine twisted metal wires which are coated with nylon. Unbreakable!
larger image
Close-up view of the Gamma Edge 20 main string. This string is composed of 6 fine twisted metal wires which are coated with nylon. One of a kind!
larger image

String Archive:

This string has been stored in the String Archive, a collection of 10 inch long pieces of tennis strings. Currently the archive contains 466 different strings (not considering the different diameters).

*All prices are mail order prices for one string set without shipping and without stringing costs