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Holabird Sports

Polyfibre Cobra

Product Information: New polyethylene-based string which is pre-stretched to improve tension stability. Its surface is specially textured to provide better power and spin at excellent control. Recommended for players who want to create power with little effort with a comfortable string that provides excellent feel.
Manufacturer: www.polyfibre.de
Set Price: $15.00*
Gauges: 1.20;1.25;1.30
Available in: World World
Available at:


Available Polyfibre Cobra 1.20 PolyethyleneMonofilamentStructured surface 5 ratings $15.00* Available in: World 2013-11-19
 Durability  Power  Control  Feel  Comfort  Spin  Ten. stab.  Satisfaction  Overall  PPR

Available Polyfibre Cobra 1.25 PolyethyleneMonofilamentStructured surface 13 ratings $15.00* Available in: World 2016-03-25
 Durability  Power  Control  Feel  Comfort  Spin  Ten. stab.  Satisfaction  Overall  PPR

Colors:   good   bad   average  ¦  Satisfaction = overall satisfaction  ¦  PPR = Performance/Price Ratio (the higher the better)

StringAdjectives (from 18 ratings):

soft comfortable resilient flexible elastic lively explosive stretchy spongy springy stiff solid crispy precise dull rough innovative unique


Surface view of the Polyfibre Cobra. The monofilament string is textured on two sides and reminds of a cobra skin.
larger image

String Archive:

This string has been stored in the String Archive, a collection of 10 inch long pieces of tennis strings. Currently the archive contains 473 different strings (not considering the different diameters).

*All prices are mail order prices for one string set without shipping and without stringing costs